I’m Miles, a collaborative UX designer. 🎉

At DealerOn, I lead three products and contribute to our design system.

Attentive: Case Studies
Building highly tailored client experiences to increase customer retention
SMS and email marketing pop-ups / June 2021 to present
Capstone: Practice Buddy
We can all feel confident with using the right pronouns if we take some time to practice.
Gamified chatbot website / Spring 2021
270 by 2024
Answering the question “what do you want to change?”
Case Study: Venmo Together
Streamlining the mutual aid process on Venmo
UX Research, Roadmapping / Spring 2021
Case Study: Sam Fox Spaces
Prototype of a mobile app for reserving and exploring spaces in the Sam Fox School
Mobile app prototype / Fall 2020
SQSH Website Revamp
Website remake for the St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline improving access to information
Nonprofit website / 2020 to 2022
Client Work
My work for student clubs, university initiatives, and commissions
PR Materials for clients / 2018 to present
January 2020
A personal comic about long walks home and places you can never go back to
Original comic / Spring 2022
DrawBot Explorations
Experimental coding in Python made visual with DrawBot
Creative coding / Spring 2020 to present
Engaging half of WashU’s student body in America’s oldest collegiate matchmaker
Publicity campaign / 2019 to 2021
Case Study: The Search
Exploring the search for off-campus housing and transparency for WashU students
UX research / Spring 2021
Usability Testing: The Search
UX Research exploring the search for off-campus housing and transparency for WashU students
UX research / Spring 2021
A modular and dynamic typeface inspired by The Matrix (1999, dir Lily and Lana Wachowski)
Type specimen website / Fall 2020
Out and Open
A layered book applying metaphors of concealment to Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home”
Coptic-bound book / Fall 2020
Welcome to QUEERY
A layered approach to recommending the podcast QUEERY with Cameron Esposito
Packaging / Fall 2020
Birthday Zoomers
Celebrating birthdays in the pandemic using machine learning with audio
Machine learning website / Spring 2020
A Java program for quarantine isolation / Spring 2020
Meet Me in St. Louis
A postcard set featuring LGBTQ+ cultural landmarks in St. Louis
Postcard packaging / Fall 2019
Motion and Animation
3D modeling, video editing, and my obsession with making images move
Making things move / 2019 to present
My take on people, places, and food with a focus on narrative, color, and shapes
Color and shape / 2017 to present
Sketchbook and Studies
Selection of observational studies and sketches from my foundation year and beyond
Foundations / 2017 to present
The Odyssey
Hypothetical book jacket design for Homer’s “The Odyssey” translated by Emily Wilson
Book jacket / Fall 2019
Hypothetical typographic monogram & business card for Edward Snowden
Monogram design / Fall 2019
Turning a Blind Eye
Visualizing the gap between perceptions of antiblack racism in America
Data visualization / Fall 2019
Sam Fox Calendar
Large double-sided poster advertising Sam Fox School lectures
Double-sided poster / Fall 2019
Mei Hua Tea
A box of tea for an imaginary international tea brand, Mei Hua
Packaging / Spring 2019
A High & Lonesome Sound
Getting acquainted with the nine main instruments of Bluegrass Music
Large poster / Spring 2019
Destination Marfa
A guide for new travelers visiting beloved desert art town Marfa, Texas
Mobile app prototype / Spring 2019
A custom pride flag-making website to celebrate 20-bi-teen
Website prototype / Spring 2019
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